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Jill the Wild Sheep by Crystalthehedgehog36 Jill the Wild Sheep :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 22 20 Sonic X Manic the Hedgehog by Crystalthehedgehog36 Sonic X Manic the Hedgehog :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 441 43 Bio of Bushi Kinopio by Crystalthehedgehog36 Bio of Bushi Kinopio :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 6 1 Concrete Poetry, I think by Crystalthehedgehog36 Concrete Poetry, I think :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 13 23 I dig the Diggs by Crystalthehedgehog36 I dig the Diggs :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 20 7 Concept art on old Crystal by Crystalthehedgehog36 Concept art on old Crystal :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 5 3 Star the Dragon makeover by Crystalthehedgehog36 Star the Dragon makeover :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 7 4 ID for a New Character by Crystalthehedgehog36 ID for a New Character :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 9 17
Legend of the Black Rosech12
Dax exploded, “I can't take it anymore! I just can't keep it a secret!” Then he slammed his head back in frustration. “Crystal is way out of my league, but I can't help it! I let myself fall for her when it really wasn't supposed to be, but I don't care. She's marvelous; an inspiration in fact!” There was a glazed look in his eye as he continued. “When she fights, I watch as she moves herself so gracefully like she's dancing, she was always there for me, and she is the most beautiful woman I ever met.”
Amy could see that he really had passion for this other hedgehog. Her biggest worry about her might've been that Crystal would get between Sonic and herself, but she was surprised to find out that Dax liked her. It didn't have a matter of opinion to her, since she didn't know Crystal, but it relieved her that it meant Sonic was still hers to keep. “I can see you're taken by her,” she said.
“Oh what's the use Amy? I'll never win her heart...
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 3 2
Legend of the Black Rose ch11
The soft breeze also grazed against the tops of the trees near some woods, and the green lands covered in rich, knee-length grass. Just around the edge of these lands there was a cliff which led to a river down below, with the raging rapids on path, weaving between the boulders that stuck out of the water's surface. This was Evergreen Valley.
She watched the river down below in content, as she walked along the edge as a short-cut through the woods. Not to long ago, a flash of purple light dispersed her near here. Crystal had underestimated the power of Chaos Control, and she didn't realize it had taken hours before she was back into reality. Using it just one or two minutes may have been exhilarating, but using it to get to other places was much more different. It was rather unpleasant, in her opinion and she promised herself that she would only use Chaos Control when she really needed it.
That aside, she couldn't rid herself of the guilt in her gut. She looked upon the three Chaos Eme
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 3 1
Legend of the Black Rose ch10
The sun peeked in through the open window, lighting up the room with a warm, and comforting light. Outside, birds were chirping happily, fluttering by carelessly and freely. The tranquility of the morning was perfect to her, and it had been keeping her calm and peaceful since she had woken up. Star hadn't seen this serenity in a long time, and she remembered how she missed it so. It reminded her of those days in the garden, where all those butterflies roamed and all those beautiful flowers bloomed in the spring. She would lay there on that bed forever if it was possible.
The bandages were wrapped around her wings, and lying on the bed would help her rest her back from the incident last night.
She couldn't stop thinking about it, what happened last night. Apparently this all was just an unfortunate misunderstanding. She thought she was kidnapped, and one of them thought she was secretly plotting to kill them in cold blood, which was why she had a shuriken to her throat the previous even
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 2 0
Legend of the Black Rose ch9
"So your name is Dax?" Amy said.
Later that day, Knuckles was still standing by the emerald while Tails, Amy, Rouge, and the hedgehog who had introduced himself as Dax, were sitting at the foot of the stairs visiting. Dax pulled up the sleeve on the side with the missing arm, and revealed a technological looking socket that covered his shoulder. Tails was impressed, while Amy looked at it wide-eyed.
"If you guys were wondering about my arm, this was why," Dax said. "It's supposed to be built to look mechanical, but it's actually wired up like a computer. I always lose it sometimes, it just happens. My real arm was cut off in an accident a long time ago. The technology is good enough, and of course, it fit like a glove, so I've had one ever since."
"That's very interesting," said Tails, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Who designed something like that for you?"
"My dad. He's one of our best computer engineers as well as a mechanic to boot. Though, you wouldn't know who he is, and you wou
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 3 0
Legend of the Black Rose ch8
The biplane that was the Tornado swooped through the air with its massive power at a full speed, flying over Prison Island that morning. Amy leaned over from her seat behind Tails watching down below, and was awed by the destructive damage that had been done. The base was fallen apart with many of the solders running around, the Metal Harbor was crowded by many of the mechanics hurrying to repair the broken ships, and more of the sentry beetles were on patrol around the island. "I knew Eggman wouldn't be stuck in prison forever, but I just can't believe how much of a mess it is down there," she said. "You think Shadow was right, that there were these "elite robots" that came and got him?"
"I wouldn't doubt it Amy," replied the fox, keeping an eye where he was flying.
Amy fell back in her seat with a pout. "But why do we have to bring Rouge along?"
The bat had heard her complaint, and took it offensively while flying closer by the Tornado. "Hey, you came to me for your help. I'm the onl
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 2 0
Legend of the Black Rose ch7
                "So Crystal, what brings you here?" asked Sonic.
"You do realize it might not be a good time for chatter, right?" Shadow said.
"Unfortunately, He's right on that," agreed Crystal.
They stood their ground firmly, watching the three of the Elite Zodiac carefully to determine whenever they would strike. 3-on-3, hedgehogs vs. robots. Sonic and Shadow weren't concerned since they fought dumpsters bigger than these, but Crystal didn't have much experience with fighting machines.
Eggman peered over at Crystal, with ever growing curiosity of what her skills in combat are. Already had he done some of the tests on her, the results were extraordinary, but he wasn't surprised. They were mostly of the same levels as Sonic and Shadow themselves, but in different areas, she was much stronger. For example, she has a gift of manipulating electricity.
No, not just manipulating it. It was a strange yet wondrou
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 3 2
Sketch of Angel by Crystalthehedgehog36
Mature content
Sketch of Angel :iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 0 0
Legend of the Black Rose ch6
Sonic went rushing down the hall as fast as he could. The alarms blared over his head and the red lights flashed down every hall. Now the fun started; He had to find Shadow quick so that they could come up with a battle plan together and maybe figure out what's left that they're able to accomplish while they're still here.
Clutching securely to the journal, his only clue of finding that other hedgehog, he sped his way onward.
Around the corner her came to a screeching halt, discovering the next hall was crowded with robots. They turned their heads to the sound of his feet creating the friction on the ground, and the glass lens on their eyes adjusted. “Sonic the Hedgehog, spotted near the hallway junction to the laboratories!” beeped one of them. Sonic had already turned right around and taken off back where he came from in hopes to find another way around the goons.
“Laboratories huh?” he murmured. “Maybe I'll find Shadow there!”
Lasers plucked down on bot
:iconcrystalthehedgehog36:Crystalthehedgehog36 2 7


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United States
Current Residence: wouldn't you like to know?
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Sometimes the video game music, anything with an awesome beat!
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Link, Sora and the rest from those games
Personal Quote: Wisdom is not knowledge, but experience
Alright people, this account will no longer be in use. My now new account is :iconjc303:, so I would appreciate if you would watch me again, those who have watched me, because I won't return to my Crystalthehedgehog account for a long time. (For contestants for my Shadow the Hedgehog: Origins contest, my contest will be posted in the other account's journal)

Btw, you guys can actually refer to me as Jill now, because my Jill the Wild Sheep character, (crystalthehedgehog36.deviantar…) has now become my representative main character, replacing Crystal. (Sorry Crystal ^^;) I'm keeping Star and Dax, but if anyone would like Deity and Crystal as their own characters, let me know at :iconjc303:

Which also means, unfortunately, that Legend of the Black Rose chronicles is canceled.

Well, I got some things to do, so I'll see everyone at my new account!



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sorry 'bout the chain mail but read!

received this

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Now make one last &final wish about that one wish

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After reading this, you have 1 hour to send it out to 15 people,

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u only get one chance!!!!! Now scroll down and think of your


Keep going


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Did you think of your crush? I hope so, that was

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Sorry but once read, must be sent. Yes, this is one of those kinda


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if you

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Take Barbra Wallace.. She was a pretty lucky girl,

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it. She just thought, no big deal. And deleted it. The next day her


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Second Example:

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Now, you heard the stories. I know

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have one hour to send it after being read. Please pass this to

everyone you.. know
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